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We prioritize the execution of tasks with a focus on effective strategies

At PSI, we prioritize not only the tasks we undertake but also the manner in which we approach them. We maintain a stringent standard for the essential qualities that define our interactions within the organization, encompassing our treatment of colleagues, clinicians, and clients, as well as our professional presentation. While values such as honesty, accountability, respect, and fairness are foundational expectations, our core values transcend these fundamentals, representing unique attributes that are challenging to attain and substantiated by our actions. Upholding these core values is not merely a requirement but a commitment that ensures accountability and merits recognition when demonstrated. These foundational beliefs form the bedrock of instilling a sense of importance and value in our people, spanning clients, clinicians, and corporate employees alike – resonating in both heart and mind. Our genuine engagement emanates from these core values, defining our identity to both our internal community and the external world, shaping our ability to attract talent, and uniting us in a mission that surpasses the scope of our individual tasks.

What People Say About Us!

Clients Review

Our collaboration with Perfect Staffing over the past few years has been extraordinary, and this exceptional experience is entirely attributed to PSI Staffing. PSI, you consistently go the extra mile for us. Whether it's day or night, your professional handling of our issues and requests has been invaluable. We extend our sincere appreciation for everything you've done.

Federal Facility Ontario

Our long-term care facility extends heartfelt gratitude to PSI Healthcare Staffing! The expertise and compassion of their nurses have significantly enhanced the standard of care for our residents, bringing joy and comfort to our community.

RPN Nurse Toronto Area Nursing Home

Collaborating with PSI Healthcare Staffing and their management team is consistently a pleasure. Their support in facilitating healthcare worker staffing, especially during the challenges of a pandemic, has been invaluable. We extend our sincere appreciation for all the assistance provided in meeting our staffing needs.

Nursing Manager Milton ON Hospital

Our long-term care home has had an outstanding experience with this nursing agency! The quality of care for our residents has significantly improved thanks to their dedicated nurses. Additionally, their responsiveness has effectively alleviated staffing concerns, making them an invaluable partner. We are truly grateful for the positive impact they've had on our facility.

Nursing VP Scarborough, Long Term Care Home